What do you need? Take It From Jesus…

What do you need to live as a woman of impact?

What are you lacking in your ability to be a woman of influence…

…in your family?

…in your community?

…the next generation?


In Christ, you lack nothing!

In Christ, you have everything you need!

Your insecurities about your lack of gifts, talents, resources, and abilities come from a heart of fear and a myriad of excuses that you’ve absorbed into your thinking over time. The truth is that  you are an amazing woman, complete with a unique personality and special talents.  The problem isn’t what you don’t have, but rather in how you think about what you do have.  Your beliefs about yourself, your worth, and who you are in Christ needs some reshaping and refocus. No matter what you feel, God of the universe deeply loves you and has a divine purpose for your life.  He equips you with all that you need, always.


Wouldn’t this be perfect to hang your fridge or bathroom mirror?


Yes, Impact My Life is about becoming a biblical mentor for the sake of impacting the next generation, starting right in your own home, church, and community. But more importantly, Impact My Life is about leading you on a journey of becoming the woman who God intended you to be, knowing that the overflow will be amazing, as you go forth to mentor, naturally, purposefully, and powerfully.

So, what do you need most from Jesus today?

Take it.

Leave a comment below about your need, and pray for the woman before you. Don’t be shy. We need one another, too.


Impact My Life is now available in Kindle & PRINT from Amazon!


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